A journey is a series of battles. There are currently 9 different journeys available, although not all are unlocked at the start of the game. Completing a journey often unlocks new heroes or other journeys.


Before starting a new journey, you must select a team of three heroes to form your party. You may also be able to take up to three items  - you start with one item slot and one item to take, but you can use gold to unlock more slots and items. With all heroes unlocked, there are 120 possible parties.

During the journeyEdit

The battles in a journey usually become harder as you progress, culminating in a battle against a boss enemy. You may also find additional items along the way - items are not carried over between journeys, and there is a gold bonus for using them, so don't be too reluctant to use up items when it benefits you.

You will also find gold during your journey. Gold is dropped by enemies, and you receive bonus gold at the end of the journey (see gold for details). You get to keep all of this gold even if your party dies - however, if you complete the journey you'll receive a completion bonus dependant on the difficulty of the journey.

Types of JourneysEdit

Short Journey
Possible Enemies
Length 8
Boss ?
Completion Bonus 50 gold

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